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WB 28th Nov

Lesson 1 – Questionnaire’s, what they are good for and how not to design one! intro to questionnaire   Questionnaires    Please see the attached to find out more!  We will spend next lesson designing our questionnire for the practical task – see page 42-45 in your science pack for the task.

Science pack – read p22-23 about reliability and validity – this is so important, get these terms correct and this subject is in the bag!!  We completed p24-25 in the class. p32 needs to be completed at home. p33-34 is a reminder about how to construct a questionnaire.  We completed page 35-36 in class

HW: Start to consider what your KEY Issue will be – this is an opportunity to apply what you have learnt in social psychology to explain a real world occurance – the Massacre at My Lai during the Vietnam war is one example. Read p57-59 in your social psychology pack – if this subject interests you then do some further research – we warned this is very harrowing!  Alternatively you may want to research another key issue – like football hooliganism, Gang membership – leading to death/imprisonment, cult membership -like WACO seige. You need to be explain why it is a relevant key issue and how it can be explained with reference to obedience/social identity theory. You will be making a powerpoint presentation to the class – start looking for images/film clips etc –  be aware how upsetting this topic area is   -proceed with caution. We will be making the presentations on Tuesday6th/Wednes 7th December

Lesson 2 – day of industrial action

Lesson 3 We looked at the questionnaires you have devised/Fran was sick for class C and A – you need to write your consent and debrief form, standardised instructions etc. The questionnaire needs to be typed up and printed, respondants selected. The questionnaire should be piloted and changed as necessary. Data needs to be gathered and analysed by Monday 12th December. This means you should have completed the survey/questionnaire evidence of practice section of your ‘how science works pack’ by 12th Dec  To do list!    If you cannot devise your own questionnaire then amend/use mine

  1. Which college to do attend?
  1. What are you studying?
  1. Sussex Downs is a large multi campus college, how many of the learning brands can you identify (circle)

EVOC   Lewes   Park   Wealdon   Newhaven   International   Adult   International   Seaford   Brighton City College

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how satisfied are you with the part of the college you attend?

1       2      3     4      5     6     7     8    9    10

         Not at all                                                  extremely

          satisfied                                                   satisfied

  1. Which of the learning brands do most of your friends attend?
  1. Would you agree that one of the learning brands is better than the others?    Yes / No
  1. In your opinion which is the best learning brand?
  1. In your opinion which is the worst learning brand?
  1. What one word would you use to describe Evoc?
  1. What one word would you use to describe Park?
  1. On a scale of 1-10 how friendly are Evoc students in your opinion?

1       2      3     4      5     6     7     8    9    10

       Not at all                                                     extremely

        friendly                                                       friendly

  1. On a scale of 1-10 how friendly are Park students in your opinion?

1       2      3     4      5     6     7     8    9    10

        Not at all                                                    extremely

         friendly                                                       friendly

  1. How often do you socialise with students from other parts of the college (circle)       At least…………………….

Every day         Every week        Every month      Every year        Never

  1. If Park students were playing a football match against Evoc students which side do you think would win?
  1. Why do you think this side would win?

WB 21st Nov

Lesson 1  –    Prejudice and discrimination  starter activity  Tajfel (1970) Inter-group discrimination. If you missed the lesson, and even if you didn’t, look at this power point as it will really help you to make sense of Tajfel’s experiment.  brilliant tajfel activity

Lesson 2  – We worked through the material in the discrimination section of the social psychology pack p40 to 45. This included a gap fill, crossword and evaluation. You now need to research Social Identity theory for next lesson. Use U tube, google etc. If you find any good resources please send them to me  via email. I have amended and hopefully improved the brilliant tajfel activity power point – so please use it, remember to look at the original study too. Tajfel (1970) Experiments in Intergroup Discrimination

Lesson 3 – Today’s lesson was all about understanding social identity theory – we did a cut and stick activity, we read and completed this social identity theory answers to gapfill as well as p 48 in the social psyc pack. We also did a timed exam question(p49-50)!!  Ensure you know about the Sherif study as well as the prison study by Reicher & Haslam – both are described in your text book. 

HW: Complete the exam question on p54 –the structure of the gap fill should help. Remember to link your points back to the Howlers/vamps scenario -if you don’t contexualise your answer you wont get any marks!!

You also need to complete the glossary on p 60 of your pack.

We are going to design a questionnaire next – so you could wisely spend some time reading in your text book about surveys and interviews. The more prepared you are the easier it is to do well.

WB 14th Nov

Lesson 1 – We went through the Social psychology pack checking the various sections had been completed and clearing up any gaps or misunderstandings.

In preparation for next lesson PLEASE read ahead to create a new schema for the Meeus & Raijmaakers study.

All the sections on Milgram and Hoffling and Agency theory should be fully completed by now. Please catch up if not 🙂  We will attempt exam questions on pages 22 and 29 under timed conditions so no need to complete these pages.

Lesson 2 – All about the Dutch study – we looked at this: Meeus and Raaijmakers powerpoint .   Then you had to create a story board or flow diagram of the study – including the 2 variations! Next lesson we shall compare and contrast the 2 studies on obedience. We will also do the timed exam questions in your packs. Remember to bring your science booklet with you too.

Lesson 3  – We completed the compare and contrast activity p28 Soc psy pack and we also did the timed exam question on p29. We checked understanding with a 25 question multiple choice task. Well done everyone 🙂

HW: Check all of the Obedience section of your social psychology pack is complete…THIS MEANS NO GAPS.  Read ahead to Discrimination and prejudice so that when we discuss it in class you have a schema to attach it to.

WB 7th Nov

Lesson 1/2 – Review week. Please see previous blog for the work set whilst reviews are underway. Cognitive mock exam

Lesson 3:  Agency theory – by the end of this lesson you should be able to explain what the theory is and how it can be used to explain the high levels of obedience Milgram found in his experiments. You also evaluated the study!

We used p17 in the text book and pages 18-19 in the social psychology pack. Remember when you evaluate a theory try to link the evaluation points to CASTLES. You could try linking the evaluation issues on p19 to CASTLES – i.e. in what way can the study be supported with evidence?  In what way is it limited (what can’t it explain). In what way is it socially sensitive – does it for example let war criminals off the hook?  james bond work sheet    Agency Theory (3)     Agency Theory

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