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WB 12th Dec

Lesson 1  – How to do well in your exams – Helen’s top tips top tips for passing your exams  We went on to look at the theories we have examined so far – we then used CASTLES to evaluate them  Castles evaluation of all the theories     You know that you will be required to explain and evaluate one of these theories in your exam – you wont know which one until January…that means you have to learn them all! You can download the grid and add to it using the information in your text book : )  This kind of revison is REALLY IMPORTANT If it makes you think it is worth doing!

Lesson 2  – it was the mock exam – it was this one Jan 2010  If you missed the lesson – have  a go at it yourself (under timed conditions). Here is the mark scheme – Mark scheme Jan 2010 and here is the examiner’s report examiners report Jan 2010. The best possible preparation for any exam is to do a past paper – look at what the examiners expected in the answer and then  MOST IMPORTANTLY look at other students answers and the comments made by the examiner – this is what you will find in the examiners report!!

Here is another set for you to do over christmas break – Jan 2009     Mark scheme Jan 2009   Examiners report Jan 2009   I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THIS IS.

Lesson 3  – we are making festive validity and reliability posters – bring cake and glitter : 0    Ho Ho Ho x


WB 5th Dec

Lesson 1 – Today was about checking questionnaires/consent forms etc –  once yours had been checked you were able to go off and get them printed and issued – data should be collected and analysed and science pack ready to be handed in on Monday 12th Dec. You were also given time to complete your power points in readiness for the key issues  presentations. ‘A’ group will present theirs on Tuesday, Group E and C will present theirs on Wednesday. Either send to me via email or bring to lesson on your USB

There will be a social psychology mock exam on Thursday/Friday – timed exam practice is crusial to doing well 🙂

Lesson 2 – Key issue presentations – I was really impressed by the excellent research and ict skills demonstrated! I hope you are all as proud of yourselves as I was 🙂 Please remember to send your finished presentation to me so that i can make a folder of them on I Learn.

Lesson 3 – I decided that the time would be better spent starting to revise. This means the mocks will happen next week.  See attached. Evaluating research  Consider the evaluation issues and how they can be applied to the studies we have examined so far. Next time we will be looking at studies that are not  ‘GRAVE’ instead of ones that are!! We will also revise            C A S T L E S poster with lovely pic  The mock will happen on your second lesson next week. Group C who have a 3rd lesson will need to bring cakes and glitter to the lesson on Friday 🙂

Here are some model answers: Levels of processing theory model essay       Reconstructive memory model answer      Repression model essay     The cue dependency theory of forgetting by Tulving essay question     Revision exemplar bartelt freud tulving    ENJOY X

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