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WB 16th April

Lesson 1  – Welcome back 🙂  Hope you are rested, revision is now ongoing, revision time tables planned and you are ready to kick some psychology butt!!! Today was about checking the Easter HW task was completed. We checked through the Learning packs up to p 18, this helped you fill in any gaps and recapped where we got to last term which was learning via classical and operant conditioning classical & operant gap fill answers

Lesson 2  – We considered how people become aggressive. Is it innate or learnt? If agression is innate what evidence can we bring forward? (Raine). If it is learnt – how is it learnt?  Bandura (1961) put forward Social Learning Theory as a possible explanation. We examined his lab experiment in today’s lesson bandura

Lesson 3 – we completed the Bandura study and evaluated it. You then completed p20-23 in your learning packs to consolidate what you’d learned over the last few lessons.

HW: Complete  the Bandura gap fill on p 24.       download this SLTBasics    read this Original Bandura

Revise Revise  Revise  Unit 2 mock is coming up – get ready 🙂


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