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WB 30th April

Lesson 1  – ‘Observation’ as a way of gathering data – we looked at types of observation, overt, covert, controlled and naturalistic. We watched little Laura in the nursery using a time sampling technique and an event sampling technique. You had to consider the strengths and weaknesses of both. Fran observation pp

Bring your science packs to next lesson please

Lesson 2  – Today we ‘did’ our observation proper – we first decided what we considered boys toys to be, lile playing with cars. Then we decided that girl toys might be things like playing withdolls. We  created an observation categories check list and did an event sample of children playing in a nursery. We watched the video clip a number of times to improve inter-observer reliability. It was clear than making our observation objective was very difficult!

Lesson 3  – Writing up and evaluating the observation, calculating the chi square and working out why our results were not significant even though the bar chart looked like it should be!   The problem was the sample was just too small.  Why do boys and girls prefer different toys            written up version of the observation pack

HW: 8 mark key issue question –Describe and explain a key issue from the Learning approach – due next Thursday/Friday (see page 2 of the learning pack).


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