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WB May 7th

Lesson 1  – May Day bank holiday – happily spent revising I hope 🙂

The Moving On Programme (progression from AS to A2) begins the week commencing  Monday 11th June  to Tuesday 26th June  (2 and a bit weeks). If you are intending to take psychology next year you need to attend these preparatory sessions. They will be on at the same time as your normal lesson times. 

Wednes 27th to Friday 29th June are activity days. It is hoped that you will select one activity for each of your A2 subjects. We are offering psychology in film. We have booked a large room in Hammond house with a screen and we will be showing  a different film each day. This will be a morning activity. You are welcome to come on one day, two days or three days depending on what your options are in your other subjects.

Lesson 2 – We looked at various explanations of gender development from the biological, Learning and psychodynamic approaches. See p 29-30 in your pack and p140-141 in your text book.

HW: Answer the 12 mark question on p20-21 in your learning pack – due Monday 14th May.

We looked at the mark scheme first! Remember read the injunction in the question. You are asked to describe the learning explanation of gender but not the psychodynamic explanation! You have to compare the learning explanation to the psychodynamic one – draw out similarities and differences. Grid to map out similarities and differences

Unit 2 mock exam due for group A – Tuesday 22nd May. Group C Friday 11th Group E Thursday 17th May

Lesson 3  – Group A and E looked at the ‘Key Issues’ from all 5 approaches, and we considered why they are key issues and  the kinds of contribution psychology can make to society – key issues       key issues booklet    Group C had their unit 2 mock 🙂


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