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WB May 14th

Lesson 1 – Exams have started and class sizes are beginning to diminish. We did a Domino of key terms to start, followed by quiet revison time. I asked you make key studies revision cards for each of the 3 units in Unit 2. Those of you re-sitting unit 1 will need to do the same for those key studies. Once you all have some revison cards bring them to lessons so we can play various games with them.

Lesson 2 – Creative revision – try this for word art posters for your room  http://www.wordle.net/ brain storm as many words related to a topic as you can then press ‘go’


create a massive spider diagram

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlabrWv25qQ&feature=related we learnt to mind map with Tony Buzan

http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/maps/index.shtml useful for making mind maps

Lesson 3  -poor group E had their Mock!!  Groups C and E were mindmapping 🙂

Sussex University are currently involved in some research into alcohol use amongst young people – I received this letter to pass on to you -please complete the form if you can – you can check out the use of ‘open’ and ‘closed’ questions, and rating scales etc

Hi,  I have been funded by the European Fund for Alcohol Research to conduct a study of people’s thoughts about drinking or not drinking. I am looking for as many 16-21 year olds as possible to complete a brief questionnaire hosted on a secure server.

 Everyone who completes the questionnaire can enter a draw to win one of four £25 prizes. The URL for the questionnaire is: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/drink_or_not

At the end of the questionnaire you will be asked if you are interested in a follow-up interview, for which you would be paid £7. 

 More information can be obtained at here or by sending a message to rd48@sussex.ac.uk


Dr Richard de Visser

Dept of Psychology, University of Sussex

Lesson 3 – continued mapping and making revision cards



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