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WB 21st May

cube template -this is a blank dice template

Lesson 1 – All quiet on the Western front  – not many students around! – we used dice to help with revision. Here is one I did earlier Revsion cube unit 2

Helen did some revsion sheets  for the results/findings of each of the key studies

Results from key studies unit one and two

Please be aware I am going to funeral on Wednesday so I will not be teaching group E at 10.45 – please use the time to revise.

NB: There may be a strike called on Thursday and I am a member of one of the striking unions

Lesson 2  Group A did their mock  Unit 2 mock other groups were revising

Lesson 3  – Group E’s lesson was cancelled due to the strike. I hope you revised 🙂  Group C – made revision wheels or completed the mock or did some peer marking. Group A  – APRC’d and evaluated the unit 3 practicals – any of which could come up in the unit 2 exam.

Psychodynamic – Correlation -self-perceived parental strictness and self perceived tidiness – not significant  -spearmans’s rho. Likert scales – 8 statements – ppts had to agree or disagree – collated the data……demand characteristics, sociallly desirable answers                          

Biological – Independent measures natural experiment – spatial skills and gender – Mann Whitney U  – not significant. Our girls were rather good! LAckied ecological validity but very reliabe and valid as we used a standardised test

Learning  –  Observation male and female play – Chi square not significant because we didnt have enough data. The film we used was edited and so not a really valid representation of natural children’s play. We did an event sample – good- inter rater reliability. Carefully operationalised play categories.

No Key issues came up on the unit 1 resit -likely to come up on the unit 2 paper.  Make sure you know what they are!


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