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MOP week 1 (wb 11th June)

Lesson 1  –  Intro to unit 3 – applied psychology….criminal and health psychology.  Please print this off for your Unit 3 folder  spec 3 summary

We thought about the famous criminals we knew of and what, if anything, they had in common. Our theme was ….what causes someone to become a criminal? Some factors are clearly social in origin and others may be more innate or biological. Which are the most likely explanations?

Lesson 2 – We tried to explain crime with reference to the 5 approaches, specifically how the theories we have already learnt about could be used to explain criminal behaviour.  Look at these power points intro to crime ppt  Turning to Crime pp

This is the article you need to read for your lesson with Joss on Tuesday (group A) or Wednesday (groups C and E)   criminal behaviour nature vs nurture article. Please bring it with you to her lesson.

Lesson 3   fran detailed OP   please look at this power point used in the lesson . There also so some articles and films and websites for you to look at as well -see below: 

http://www.guardian.co.uk/science/2010/sep/14/psychological-profile-behavioural-psychology   An article that suggests profiling is a complete waste of time

http://www.all-about-forensic-psychology.com/fbi-profiler.html  – learn more about profiling

http://davidcanter.com/professional-services/offender-profiles.html  David Canter’s website

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ7ck8Q_RII&feature=related  Film about psychopaths – it you are easily offended please do not watch this

HW: This is the leaflet HW task  – read and then do it      Profiling task 2009

Lesson 4  We all had a go at profiling the Anthrax killer       fran’s profiling powerpoint for MOP       Anthrax profile 2012        A2_AQB_crim_whatIsProfiling[1]  Try to find out more about Bruce Iwin – do you think the FBI got it right?

Lesson 5 – Joss’ lesson  I started by introducing myself and giving you my email address Jocelyn.wells@sussexdowns.ac.uk  You also made a note of the subjects that you intend to study next academic year. I also pointed out that it is essential that you email either myself or Fran  DURING THE SUMMER HOLIDAYS to make a 1:1 re-enrolment appointment if you do not achieve above a D at AS, as it is not recommended that you continue to progress onto the A2 course.

 I also gave you the details of the textbook that you will need to order in advance of the start of term. Edexcel A2 Psychology by Christine Brain ISBN-13: 978-0340966846   I recommend that you get this shortly after the publication of your AS results on Thursday 23rd August.  We then spent some time looking at the ‘Seeking the Criminal Element’ article by Wayt Gibbs that you were asked to print and read in advance of this lesson.  You had a go at analysing the article (a skill which you will need to do for the Evidence in Practice practical at A2).  You applied concepts theories and research for the AS course to help you explain ‘explanations for criminality’ within the article.  A new skill which you will be seeing a lot more of in A2.  You each then feedback your ideas to the rest of the class, using the ‘Nature vs Nurture’ washing line activity to help you to think about how behaviours can be interpreted, according to these key debates.


final MOP lesson — Monday 26th June  – I handed out a sheet about careers in psychology and the transferable skills you develop through studying psychology – this could help you with writing your personal statement. We also considered the questions you should be asking with regard to the A2 course – Questions you should be asking.

Summer home work task  – part of the gateway into Year 2    gang violence. Please read the article and answer the 18 mark question at the bottom of the page. min 500words max 1000 words. Due in at the re enrolment interview or at the first lesson with Fran in September.


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